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Chopsticks Dance

2017-06-26 (

The Chopsticks Dance is popular in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. It was originally a single man's dance for marriage or festival ceremonies, usually accompanied by a stringed instrument and singing

The Chopsticks Dance is popular in Erdos, Inner Mongolia.

The dancer holds a bunch of chopsticks in his right hand and beats his palm, shoulder, waist and legs. Meanwhile, he remains in the same spot, shrugging his shoulders quickly, bending and stretching his legs and rocking his body. In a relaxed and smooth manner, the dancer claps his own hands, shoulders, waist and legs, with chopsticks proceeding in a circle or moving forward and back in a straight line.

The dance's posture and movements are unrestrained and nimble; the ways of clapping chopsticks, flexible and varied. The beating rhythm is clear while the morale is high. Reaching climax, the dancer will be shouting while he is dancing to add to the fun.

Today, people tie the chopsticks together with a small rope and decorate it with red silks, thus making it an exquisite stage prop. Performers can hold the chopsticks in one or two hands. The Chopsticks Dance, therefore, is widespread and often presented on stage.