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Dough Modeling

2017-06-26 (

Dough modeling, also called dough figurines, blends the main material, sticky rice flour, with different pigments to create various vivid figures made by hand or simple tools. In ancient Chinese society, a dough modeling maker would carry, make and selling dough figurines from village to village for a living. Although these artifacts were popular, they were regarded as trinkets rather than a type of art. Nowadays, as a precious intangible cultural heritage, the art is valued. 


A folk artist shapes  dough. Baotou dough modeling is a traditional folk art originating in Shanxi  province. It uses polished glutinous rice, painted with different colors, and is  modeled by hand as well as with some simple tools. The folk art has been listed  among items from Baotou's cultural heritage since June 2012.  [Photo/]