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Inner Mongolia works to limit sand erosion


Inner Mongolia has been working hard in recent years to limit sand erosion using new methods. The region has succeeded in reducing barren and sandy land measuring nearly 760,000 hectares since 2009, according to the 2016 land desertification monitoring report.


A worker checks facilities at the photovoltaic industrial park in Ulanbuh Desert in Dengkou county, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on July 15. The photovoltaic panels not only generate power but also overshadow the surrounding sand plants which are being grown to stabilize dunes and control desertification. [Photo/Xinhua]


Thousands of saxaul trees (haloxylon ammodendron) have been planted to control local sand distribution in Badain Jaran Desert, Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Known as a “desert guardian”, a fully grown saxaul tree can maintain a 10-square-meter patch of sandy land, according to the local environmental preservation department. [Photo/Xinhua]

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