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Youth poetry contest concludes in N China


The final of a Mongolian poetry competition was held in Xiliin Gol League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Nov 24, attracting nearly 400 viewers.

This year marks the twelfth time of the event, which has been held since 1989, and the competition aims to offer a platform to youths with a talent for poetry –– to showcase their talents and communicate with others.

This year’s event attracted tens of thousands of participants. 

The competition collected works from August, receiving 130 entries from Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, and Qinghai and Gansu provinces, including those from Mongolian students.

After one round of the competition, 16 competitors entered the final, expressing their love for China and the new era.

The poetry of a competitor from the region’s Hohhot won first prize, and two entries won the second award, with three winning the third.


A competitor recites poetry at the competition on Nov 24. [Photo/xlgl.gov.cn]


A group of youths perform at the competition on Nov 24. [Photo/xlgl.gov.cn]


The winner receives the prize at the competition on Nov 24. [Photo/xlgl.gov.cn]