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Frigid rime spectacular in Hexigten Geopark


Forming amid heavy snowfalls and frosty weather, the rime scenery of Inner Mongolia autonomous region’s Hexigten Global Geopark has created a unique vista in the past few days.

Located in Chifeng city, the geopark covers 1,343 square kilometers and features nearly 10 forms of geological landscapes, including quaternary glacial geology, potholes, granite, volcanic rocks, valleys and crater lakes.

The park was designated a National Geopark of China by the Ministry of Land and Resources on Dec 10, 2001, and was listed as a UNESCO World Geopark on Feb 11, 2005.

In addition to the geologic formations, the geopark is blessed with rolling grasslands, primeval forests, cliff paintings, border walls from the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), and battleground relics of Ulan Butung (Wulanbutong).


Rime frost on branches and granite hoodoos at Hexigten Global Geopark in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, on Jan 10. [Photo/Xinhua]

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