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Inner Mongolia promotes commercial and port trade


Inner Mongolia Commerce Bureau convened a meeting to discuss the region’s commercial and port trade during 2017 and schedule major tasks for economic development in 2018, in Hohhot on March 1.

Sun Weidong, director of Inner Mongolia Commerce Bureau, delivered a work report, and Si Qing, deputy director of Inner Mongolia Commerce Bureau and head of Inner Mongolia Port Office, presided over the meeting.

Last year, consumption by urban and rural residents in the region grew substantially and promoted the steady growth of foreign trade, thus creating space for investment and collaboration, claimed Sun. 

The region ought to increase the amount of money in circulation, improve the comprehensive function of inland ports, and reform cooperation at import-export business, he added.

Sun emphasized that Inner Mongolia should focus on six major projects in 2018 including upgrading the level of consumption, guaranteeing stable growth in foreign trade, promoting the construction of the China-Russia-Mongolia Economic Corridor, and providing service-directed and administrative support to commerce.

Regional commerce and port officers need to put extra effort into negotiating economic cooperation, and should take pragmatic measures to ensure the efficient implementation of the projects, Sun argued.

More than 90 officers from 29 regional-level and municipal-level commerce departments attended the meeting, and over 640 from leagues and banners listened to the report via a live video feed.


Officials take part in a meeting organized by Inner Mongolia Commerce Bureau in Hohhot on March 1. The focus was on commerce and port trade. [Photo/nmgswt.gov.cn]