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Grassland assizes settle disputes for herdsmen


A van carrying assizes (a mobile team of court officers) visited sparsely populated areas in Urad Middle Banner to settle civil disputes between local herdsmen. 

The migratory assizes, governed by the people’s court of Urad Middle Banner, have entered the grassland region on 150 occasions and deal with 300 cases a year.

Mobile court staff members distribute legal and regulatory documents to locals, fostering their knowledge of the legal system, particularly where it concerns animal husbandry. Most importantly, the court officers solve civil disputes for herdsmen and help maintain a stable and harmonious community.

On the China-Mongolia border, Urad Middle Banner has a scattered population and poor transportation to cover its vast expanse. For local herdsmen, seeking help from the court would be prohibitively inconvenient without the assizes.


Officers from the people’s court of Urad Middle Banner deal with a civil case on March 27. [Photo/Xinhua] 


A van carrying assizes staff members stops to deal with a civil case in Urad Middle Banner on March 27. [Photo/Xinhua] 

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