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Free clinics on World Parkinson's Disease Day


Inner Mongolia Medical University Affiliated Hospital organized a voluntary event to examine local residents, especially the elderly who had concerns of Parkinson disease in Hohhot on April 11.

Since April 11 is the World Parkinson’s Disease Day, the purpose of the event was to spread the awareness of different effects of the disease on individuals and their families. 

World Parkinson’s Day is a public health and awareness campaign supported by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association.

Parkinson's is a disease in which nerve cells that deliver the neurotransmitter dopamine to other cells are reduced in numbers. As cell death spreads to larger parts of the brain more centers are affected. This results in an aggravation of motor and non-motor disorders.

The free examination event is a way of educating the public about the disease including the different signs and symptoms then the treatment options. There are non-motor side effects from the treatments that can take the form of impulse control disorders.


A doctor examines a man at the Inner Mongolia Medical University Affiliated Hospital in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on April 11. [Photo/nmgnews.com.cn]