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Escape summer heat in Huolin Gol

2018-07-12 By Zhao Xiao | chinadaily.com.cn

As heat wave blows through certain regions of China, people are searching for ways to prevent sunstroke.

Huolin Gol (Huuliin Gol), a place located near the Greater Hinggan Mountains and the hinterland of Horqin Grassland, will be one of the travel destinations where the air is cool and a series of festivals are ready to entertain visitors.

On a lazy summer day, there is nothing better than just jumping in the car, rolling down the windows and letting the wind caress your hair as you hit the open road, for which, Huolin Gol provides the perfect setting.

The area allows visitors to enjoy the unique nothern landscape including prairies, mountians, lakes, wetlands and folk customs. Local tourism agencies have been working on designing summer driving routes to make the place an ideal choice for adventure.

As temperatures rise and rainfalls gradually increase, the Horqin Grassland has embraced the full-green season.

The Khan Mountain Scenic Spot covers an area of nearly 13,000 square meters, featuring giant statues of Mongolian emperors, including Genghis Khan, the pioneer of the Mongol Empire, and Kubla Khan, the founder of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

A typical guided tour in Huolin Gol also includes Jinghu Lake, a place for tourists to enjoy magnificent scenery along with tasting fresh local cuisines.

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Scenery near the Khan Mountain Scenic Area in Huolin Gol, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on July 7. [Photo by Zhao Xiao/chinadaily.com.cn]

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