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Ulan Butung Prairie


Ulan Butung or Wulanbutong in Mongolian literally means “red-colored altar-shaped hills”. Ulan Butung Grassland is located on the south of the Hunshandake Sandland (part of the Hexigten Global Geopark) in the southern tip of Hexigten Banner in Chifeng of Inner Mongolia. Across the provincial border river, to the south of the prairie is the Saihanba National Forest Park. 

Historically, both Ulan Butung Prairie and Saihanba National Forest Park used to be the royal hunting ranch (known as weichang or mulan paddock) of the Qing Emperors.

Ulan Butung is renowned across the world due to it being the famous battle field where Qing Emperor Kangxi commanded a successful battle against Galdan Boshugtu Khan. Galdan Boshugtu Khan, ruler of the Dzungar Khanate, attacked the ancient Khalka Mongolia. The Khalka, unable to launch an effective defense, turned to the Qing Dynasty for help. The Qing Emperor Kangxi personally led his army and made a decisive victory on the area.

The grassland is also known as the warehouse of flowers throughout centuries as there are more than 300 kinds of flowers or herbs with extremely high medicinal value to be found here including the golden-needle flower and canary creeper.

Ulan Butung Prairie is one of the most ideal destinations for summer vacations. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty and warm hospitality of the Mongolians, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the stretch of grasslands and they can also freely ride horses on the grassland.


A cow rests on Ulan Butung Prairie in Hexigten Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Aug 15, 2018. [Photo/IC]

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