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40 years of Inner Mongolia's development in a cup of tea

2018-10-10 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Local people in Inner Mongolia autonomous region drink tea. [Photo/VCG]

Forty years after the reform and opening-up policy was enacted in 1978, tremendous changes have been seen across China. For Inner Mongolia autonomous region, its great development over the past four decades can be described by a cup of tea. 

As we all know, Inner Mongolia is an important section of the ancient Silk Road; through which a large number of silk, porcelain and tea products used to be exported to the European market. What few people know is that the region itself has since ancient times been a giant market for tea coming from the south.

In the past compressed tea cakes were a popular choice among local tea drinkers for their relatively cheap price. However, they were still unaffordable to many. Now, with the rise in household income, people pay more attention to the brand and quality of tea rather than the price.

“Seldom people would buy cheap tea in my shop”, said Mr Li, a tea merchant from Zhejiang province who has been selling tea in Ordos for many years. He added that although priced high, quality tea has a wide market here. 

Besides quality, the type of tea is another important consideration during a purchase. To meet people’s varied needs, a wide selection of tea is available in local tea houses, including green tea, flower tea, black tea and dark green tea.  

With people’s desire for quality and a healthy life, tea with health benefits is popular among local people, including Pu’er tea which lowers the concentration of fat in the blood stream. 

From Aug 17 to 20, the 6th Hohhot tea industry exhibition was held, attracting over 500 firms from home and abroad.  


A tea specialist performs a tea ceremony at the 6th Hohhot tea industry exhibition in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Aug 17. [Photo/VCG]

Thanks to the reform and opening-up policy, people’s habits and attitudes in tea drinking have witnessed a great change, which not only represents the development of tea industry in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, but also reflects the growth of living standards for local people. 


Primary students learn how to make milk tea in Hohhot, Sept 14. [Photo/VCG]