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Baotou Airport adds 8 new air routes

2018-11-02 By Lu Wei

Baotou Airport celebrated the maiden flights of eight new air routes with a ceremony held on Oct 28, according to Baotou Daily.

Four of the eight flights are scheduled to fly four times a week. The flights are Baotou-Xinzhou-Hangzhou, Baotou-Ningbo, Harbin-Baotou-Fuzhou, and Baotou-Taiyuan-Zhuhai. The Baotou-Taiyuan-Shiyan and Baotou-Zhengzhou-Xiamen flights will fly once a day. The Baotou-Hefei-Zhuhai and Yichang-Baotou-Tianjin flights will fly three times a week.

There are currently 21 airlines in operation at Baotou Airport, with 36 planned routes to 32 cities, providing more convenience for business travelers and residents.