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Inner Mongolia: then and now

2018-11-07 (chinadaily.com.cn)

A photo exhibition was recently held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, showing how the region has changed since China’s reform and opening-up implemented in 1978. 

The photos capture moments from everyday life over the past few decades, with images of people at work and play. 


Two photographs starkly contrast the clothing worn by modern residents of the region, with the basic outfits worn by workers in years gone by. [Photo/northnews]


Transport in the region has improved dramatically, with dirt tracks still sometimes used as roads back in 1978. [Photo/northnews]


Healthcare in Inner Mongolia has changed beyond recognition, with massive government investment funding state-of-the-art modern hospitals. [Photo/northnews] 


A single telephone once served everyone in a village, whereas now anyone can be contacted at the push of a button. [Photo/northnews]

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