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Ordos builds promotional center in Shanghai

2018-11-08 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Performers play matouqin, or horse-head fiddles, at the opening ceremony for the Shanghai Ordos Experience Center. [Photo/WeChat account of ordosnews]

The Ordos Experience Center was officially opened to the public at a ceremony in Shanghai, Nov 4. 

At the ceremony hosted by Yu Renjie, vice-mayor of Ordos, Liu Ruijie, director of Ordos’ organization department, delivered the opening remarks. Other attendees included representatives from Ordos’ industrial parks and government departments, as well as representatives from Shanghai municipal government. 

Liu said that the Shanghai Ordos Experience Center was established to showcase the city in all dimensions to help more people learn about the city. 

The center was also expected to help strengthen cooperation between Ordos and other cities, especially Shanghai, in trade and businesses, Liu said. 

Liu expressed his hopes that more companies would invest in Ordos. 

The opening ceremony also served as a promotional conference where products from Ordos were exhibited. 

The products covered areas such as coal processing, cashmere, energy conservation and intelligent equipment. 

A signing ceremony was also held for companies from Shanghai and Ordos.


Officials unveil the plate for the Shanghai Ordos Experience Center. [Photo/WeChat account of ordosnews]

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