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Ulgai pushing development of livestock husbandry



A photo shows numerous cows eating grass on the grassland of Ulgai management district, in Xilin Gol League, a city of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/IC] 

In recent years, Xilin Gol League has continuously promoted the development of modern livestock husbandry. It has a strategic plan to build a ecological high-tech livestock capital of China, and key steps have already been taken. A series of key projects related to livestock products have already been constructed.

Ulgai (Wulagai) district management is implementing the plan to create a high-quality beef industry, accelerating the construction of a beef cattle breeding system, dealing with scale-up issues, standardizing the industrialization of beef cattle breeding and steadily improving the profitability of beef cattle industry.

At the same time, through the active introduction and cultivation of the leading large-scale slaughtering and processing enterprises for beef, the management area actively carries out breeding, scientific research and development, technology promotion, cultivation of science and technology supporting capacity and big data platform construction. The area develops modern grassland livestock husbandry, promotes the strategic adjustment of livestock numbers, cattle variety, organizes and implements the breeding of new breeds of beef cattle, the integration of key technologies for high-grade beef cattle production, and the breeding of cattle to increase the incomes of herdsmen.

According to the Ulgai plan, by 2020, the management area should have a revenue of 150 million yuan ($21.95 million) from the cattle industry, accounting for about 30 percent of the total agricultural output value.