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Inner Mongolia Dalad Economic Development Zone



Inner Mongolia Dalad Economic Development Zone was approved by the government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2001, and was later identified as one of Inner Mongolia's top 10 industrial development zones and one of 22 key economic development zones along Inner Mongolia’s Yellow River Economic Belt.

The two parks located in the zone – Dadian Yili Industrial Park and Sanshangliang Industrial Park – share its 91.1 square kilometers: 12 sq km for the former and 79.1 sq km for the latter.

The zone has seen investment of 4 billion yuan ($604.64 million) in infrastructure construction. Modern logistics parks and special railway lines are still under construction.

The economic zone hosts leading industries including coal, aluminum, building materials, high-technology, chemicals and modern logistics, and has spawned 108 projects and 98 enterprises.

In 2016, the total output value of industrial enterprises above the designated size (with annual revenue over 20 million yuan) reached 30.64 billion yuan, a 4.8 percent increase, sales revenue reached 36.15 billion yuan, a 3 percent increase, and investment in fixed assets reached 8.05 billion yuan, up 6.7 percent from the previous year.