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China passes first cryptography law

2019-10-26 (chinadaily.com.cn)


China’s first cryptography law was passed on Saturday at the closing ceremony of the bimonthly session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the country’s top legislature.

The law aims to promote the steady and sound development of cryptography as well as ensure the effectiveness of China’s cybersecurity systems from January.

The law classifies cryptography into core, common and commercial cryptography, stipulating core and common cryptography are used to protect national secrets and should be governed by the strict and united administration of cryptography authorities.

The research and developments of commercial cryptography, which are frequently applied to online banks and payment tools, are encouraged by the law, as it can guarantee the safety of information for citizens, enterprises and social organizations to prevent users’ personal details from being stolen or falsified.

Cryptography, different from passwords widely used when internet users register for services online, refers to products, services or technologies that are given encrypted protection or security authentication by a special transformation of data.