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Ulan Muqir troupe gives entrancing performance in Hohhot

2019-11-20 (


A Ulan Muqir art troupe gives an entrancing performance in Hohhot, in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Nov 14. A total of eight Ulan Muqir art troupes took part in the event, giving performances to Hohhot residents and students. Ulan Muqir, which translates as “red bud” in Mongolian, is an art troupe that gives original performances that mainly focus on the lives of herdsmen. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]


An instrumental music performance is given by members of an Ulan Muqir art troupe, on Nov 14. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]


Art troupe members give a dance performance in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, on Nov 14. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]