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Baotou company recognized for intelligent manufacturing


Baotou-based Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Vehicle Co has been recognized for achievements in intelligent manufacturing, according to a list released by the Baotou municipal industry and information technology bureau.

This year, the company focused on intelligent manufacturing, smart products, and smart mines, and continuously worked to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.

According to the production schedule, the company has introduced more automatic equipment such as CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers and welding robots that can collect data online to further improve the automation level of the production process.

Also, it has strengthened research into self-diagnosis and remote fault diagnosis technology. On the basis of real-time data transmissions, it promoted the functions of fault analysis, generation of operation reports and health diagnosis, and launched an intelligent electric wheel mine car.

In the construction of smart mines, the company gave full play to the integration advantages of the main engine plants and promoted the gradual landing of the framework agreement for unmanned technology promotion with related enterprises, especially strengthening in-depth cooperation with Huawei, China Mobile, Baogang Group and Tage IDirver.

At the same time, it strengthened cooperation with excellent software information companies at home and abroad, and jointly built a vehicle management system, control system, security management system, health management system and a big data storage analysis platform with intellectual property rights.