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Ice-free rivers flow, defying the extreme cold across Hulunbuir

2020-01-07 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Water vapors eerily float upon the surface of an ice-free river in Hulunbuir League, in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu/ provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Hulunbuir is usually covered in snow during the seven-month long winter freeze, as temperatures plunge to as low as -58 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, rivers in the league defy the elements -- continuing to flow throughout the big chill, attracting tourists and photographers who come to admire and photograph the splendid scenery of the extreme cold.

The ice-free rivers are formed because of the abundant geothermal energy generated by volcanic activity beneath the ground. This activity prevents the waters from freezing during the bitter winter; instead it often leaves vapor visible on the surface due to the heat below.

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