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Inner Mongolia’s companies head back to work


All 100 key foreign trade companies in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region have gone back to work and the return rate of industrial enterprises above a designated size -- those with an annual sales revenue of 20 million yuan ($2.86 million) or more -- recently reached nearly 95 percent, according to information released by the Inner Mongolia Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Department on March 24.

After Inner Mongolia's 103 cities and banners lowered their novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control risk to a low-risk level on March 16, Inner Mongolia’s eight government departments -- in tourism, commerce, marketing, transportation and tax -- successively issued 57 measures to guide the back-to-work and production resumption.

The measures involve liberalizing all industries -- except education and training industries -- as well as canceling the previous prerequisites for a return to work and further liberalizing restrictions on migrant workers to clock on again.

Officials said that at present, the rate of production resumption in Inner Mongolia has increased significantly within a week. The rate of return to work for manufacturers above a designated size has reached 94.94 percent, an increase of 2.64 percentage points compared with that one week ago.

In addition, the production resumption rate of leading agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises rose to 85.36 percent, an increase of 6.98 percentage points.

In the services industry, the operations rate of supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesale markets and community food stores has now exceeded 90 percent and continues to grow, officials said.

They said the operations rate of accommodation, catering, housekeeping, star-rated tourist hotels, public cultural venues and tourist attractions has increased significantly -- increasing by 20.72 percent, 32.66 percent, 62.78 percent, 24.32 percent, 72.46 percent and 23.87 percent, respectively.