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Inner Mongolia allots funds for research commercialization


The finance, science and technology departments of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently issued the first round of special funds – totaling 132.85 million yuan ($18.69 million) – for the commercialization of scientific and technological research achievements in 2020, according to local officials. 

The funds will mainly be used to support scientific research projects, high-tech enterprises and academician and expert workstations.

Under the allocation, a total of 92.25 million yuan will go to supporting support 42 projects on the commercialization of scientific research projects.

Another 336 national high-tech enterprises identified in 2019 will be each granted 100,000 yuan in research funding, for a total expenditure of 33.6 million yuan.

Officials said that 35 academician and expert workstations identified by the autonomous region from 2018 to 2019 will each be provided 200,000 yuan in support – for a total outlay of 7 million yuan.