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HEI Baotou International Kindergarten


Established in 2017, HEI Baotou International Kindergarten is the only Finnish international preschool education kindergarten approved by the Education Bureau of Baotou, registered by the Ministry of Education and recognized by the Finnish Government.

The kindergarten was officially opened on Sept 1, 2017, covering an area of 6,659 square meters and a construction area of 4,500 square meters.

It was founded by Baotou Science and Education Investment Group Co directly under the jurisdiction of Baotou Education Bureau with total investment of about 50 million yuan ($7.07 million).

The kindergarten, which follows the Finnish international preschool education curriculum, has provided high-quality international education for Chinese and foreign preschoolers in China.

The facility is managed by a highly motivated Finnish-Chinese team. All teaching staff have a bachelor’s degree or above and graduated from preschool education and English-related majors. The first batch of 10 Chinese teachers went to Finland for a five-week teacher training period, including two weeks interning in Finnish kindergartens.

There are no more than 25 students in each class. Each class is equipped with a foreign teacher, a main teacher, a coordinator and a life instructor.

Address: 100 meters south of the intersection of Qingshan Road and Jingshiyi Road, Xindushi area, Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region