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Inner Mongolia Baotou Aluminum Industry Park


Founded in 2003, Inner Mongolia Baotou Aluminum Industry Park -- in Baotou in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- is a significant autonomous region level industrial park.

It is a dynamic ecological industrial park featuring the latest developments in the  aluminum deep-processing industry.

The park is one of the six major industrial bases in Baotou focusing on the development of steel, aluminum, power, equipment manufacturing, the coal chemicals industry and the rare earth sector.

By introducing aluminum deep processing projects with high technical content and high added value, the industrial park has changed the product structure of traditional metallurgical enterprises which mainly sell raw materials. It has extended the product chain, strengthened the scale of the industry and formed an industrial cluster.

It is not only increasing the added value of products, but also achieving energy savings and emission reductions, so that resources, the environment and economic benefits can be "harmoniously developed,"according to park officials.

The park harnesses Baotou Aluminum Group’s raw materials and energy knowhow and electricity and natural gas facilities. As a result, it has successfully attracted  aluminum deep-processing companies -- including those manufacturing foil, aluminum wheels, aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy auto parts in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta.

The park has secured total investment of 15 billion yuan ($2.13 billion) in fixed assets to date and is achieving annual revenue topping 10 billion yuan.

Address: 50 meters east of Changzheng Road, in Donghe district, Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region