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Ejine tourist train gets set to make its debut



A signing ceremony between the administrative office of Alshaa League and the Hohhot Bureau of China Railway is held in Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on April 15. [Photo/Alshaa Daily]

The administrative office of Alshaa League -- in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hohhot Bureau of China Railway on April 15, to open a tourist train starting on April 30.

The tourist train, called the Ejine, will run between Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia and Ejine Banner in Alshaa League in the autonomous region.

Local officials said it aims to transport visitors, so they can admire the charming natural landscapes, experience local customs, history and culture along the tourist line.

Alshaa League is rich in tourism resources. Ejine Banner, regarded by locals as the bright pearl in the tourism crown of the league, has the Ejine Populus Euphratica Forest, which is one of the three largest in the world.


A launch ceremony of the Ejine tourist train is held in Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on April 15. [Photo/Alshaa Daily]

It is also home to Dongfeng Space City -- one of the world's three largest manned space centers -- and the unearthed Juyan Jiandu, dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220), which is one of the four major archaeological discoveries made in China in the 20th century.

To attract tourists, major scenic spots in Ejine Banner will provide tourists with services such as ticket exemptions and VIP ticket channels.

In addition, to provide a comfortable riding environment, the Ejine tourist train was transformed based on the previous "Prairie Star" tourist train, adding showers and bar cars -- and passengers can also use karaoke entertainment facilities in the car.

Officials said that the Ejine tourist train is the first of its kind equipped with shower facilities in Inner Mongolia.