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Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base



Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base is a new type industrial base cultivating and developing non-resource based industries in response to the needs of accelerating economy structural transformation. It is the autonomous region's important industrial zone in the economic belt along the Yellow River and major traffic arteries, and will focus on high technology, value-added and environmental modern equipment manufacturing industries and their supporting enterprises. 

It is situated approximately 9 km to the north of Dongsheng district and 5 km to the south of Kangbashi district, a key urban industrial belt connecting Dongsheng district and Kanga district. The control area of the equipment manufacturing base is 95.51 sq km, divided into industrial development, living facility and logistics service, with a planning area of 89.6 sq km and a built area of 68.6 sq km.

Currently, it has developed four leading industries, composed of auto equipment manufacturing, energy equipment manufacturing, electronic product manufacturing and environmental protection.

Since the equipment manufacturing base was built in 2008, it aims to build a new ecological industrial town in adherence to scientific planning and high standard construction. In line with the original landscape, the architecture style is well proportioned with green conservation and the surrounding landscapes. 

By the end of July 2016, the base attained a fixed-asset investment of 9 billion yuan ($1.3 billion). It has since built 150 km of roads and the water, electricity, gas, communication and heating facilities are all completed, reaching the first category industrial park standards of Ordos. More than 7 million sq m of road landscapes are forested and one mountain park of 500,000 sq m has been built, preserving an ecological setting.

In addition, the education, health and cultural facilities have been constructed, the basic city frame has been formed, and the city's functions are increasingly complete alongside an increasing industrial carrying capacity.

Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base attaches importance to business development and continues to improve environmental investment. By attracting investment around the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, it actively takes over the industrial transfer from the developed area, cooperating with national and international investment groups and introducing a series of large investment and high value-added projects. 

Meanwhile, the base continues to improve its services and propel project construction. 

By the end of February in 2019, the equipment manufacturing base in Ordos city – in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region – had 64 projects in operations 16 projects being built, 15 projects in the preparation stage, as well as 21 reserved projects. Officials said a total of about 86 billion yuan ($12.14 billion) was invested in these industrial projects.