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Baotou promotes talent certification program



A skilled worker makes an adjustment on the production line at Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co [Photo/Baotou Evening News]  

Baotou -- in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has been promoting the training of top people in the workforce with the expansion of the International Certification and Introduction Program for High-skilled Talents in the city, according to a report in the Baotou Daily.

The program, first launched in 2017, is the first and only high-skilled international certification training program in the autonomous region.

Local officials said that over the past three years, the Baotou human resources and social security bureau has worked closely with the International Institute of Welding and German-based international group Siemens.

The city has launched and introduced seven international certification projects.

These involve international welding technicians, CNC machining system technology, industrial automation technology and Industry 4.0 and digital technology. They also involve intelligent manufacturing and industrial PLC technology, mechanical processing and intelligent manufacturing technology and advanced manufacturing.

Officials said the city has trained 348 internationally certified high-skilled talents in Baotou in related majors.

In July 2019, Wei Biao, together with 10 other colleagues at Baotou-based manufacturer Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co, or NHL, participated in welding skill training sessions for the International Certification and Introduction Program for High-skilled Talents in Baotou.

After studying and strict examinations, Wei obtained qualifications as international welding technician.

According to NHL officials, the talent certification program has spurred the improvement of the technical capabilities of the company.

In March, the company made more progress in expansion internationally with an important contract to supply Australian-based Warkworth Mining Ltd with its NTE360A electric mining truck.

They said the total contract value was 1 billion yuan ($141 million). It will be the first time that China's high-end construction machinery has been exported to the Australian mining market in consignments.