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Baotou customs beefs up copper inspections, testing



Lab tests are carried out on copper samples. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

In order to ensure the uninterrupted supply of raw materials for production, Baotou customs is now conducting on-site inspection and laboratory testing of imported copper concentrates without a break -- even during holidays, according to a report in the Baotou Evening News.

According to customs officials, 700-800 tons of raw materials arrive at the customs every day and each batch needs sampling.

Officials said samples are sent to the laboratory for testing within half a day. 


A customs official seals a batch of copper samples. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

Baotou Huading Copper Industry Development Co is the largest copper smelting private enterprise based in Inner Mongolia. It has an annual production capacity of nearly 100,000 tons and needs to import around 600,000 tons of copper concentrate raw materials a year.

Copper concentrate minerals are forged into electrolytic copper through multiple processes, such as roasting and electrolysis.

Officials said there are economic costs for the company if there is an interruption to the supply of raw materials.

As a result, Baotou customs has streamlined its inspection and supervision procedures  for imported copper concentrates.The inspection cycle for each batch of goods has been shortened to less than a week, supporting companies in their return to production and helping to improve their efficiency. 


Baotou customs officials examine a consignment ready to be trucked out at Baotou Huading Copper Industry Development Co. [Photo/Baotou Evening News]

In addition, customs increased investment in mineral product testing equipment. It  established a laboratory management system -- and rare earth, coal, and copper concentrate testing projects all received laboratory qualification certification and a CNAS rating that they had fully met testing standards.

To date in this year, Baotou customs has cumulatively supervised the importing of 3,600 batches of copper concentrate, weighing 200,000 tons, valued at $200 million. 

The import volume has increased by 40 percent over the same period of last year. During the period, the lab tested 441 batches.