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Inner Mongolia NPC deputies arrive at Beijing to express the voice of their people



Inner Mongolia NPC deputies arrive in Beijing on May 20. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Deputies to the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) from North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region arrived in Beijing on May 20, to express local people's voice and their suggestions.

This year’s Inner Mongolia delegation includes a total of 60 NPC deputies. Of these, 31 are Party and government officials, five front-line workers, 10 professional skill workers and five farmers and herders.

Before the Congress, the deputies had been investigating how to advance the autonomous region’s development and deal with the livelihood problems that people really care about.

They also worked on suggestions, hoping to find the best solutions to the issues.

Officials said that deputy Feng Yanli will make a suggestion in this year's Congress marking Jan 23 as the National Public Health Safety Day.

On January 23 this year, the closing of the whole Wuhan city in China’s Central Hubei province – which was hit by the novel coronavirus -- rang the national alarm bells and rallied the people to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, eventually helping achieve a decisive victory.

Feng said that it was of great significance to improve the public’s health safety awareness by establishing such as a day.

Deputy Wu Yunbo expressed his willingness to bring the people's voice to the sessions and said he would make suggestions to the National People’s Congress on issues about care for people over 60 years old in rural and pastoral areas and to establish preferential policies to encourage university graduates to start businesses in their hometowns.