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Inner Mongolia travel routes on nationwide recommended list


A total of three travel routes from North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region were included in China’s top 100 high-quality themed travel route list, according to information from Inner Mongolia’s culture and tourism department.

The travel routes on the list are a two-day desert and flower sea tour in Alshaa League, a two-day tour admiring lakes and pastures in Xiliin Gol League and a tour visiting Yili Group, China’s dairy production giant.

The two-day journey of Alshaa League passes through Guangzong Temple, Yueliang Lake, Luanjing Beach and Malan Lake in Alshaa Left Banner.

During the tour, tourists can walk on the edge of the Badanjilin Desert, admire the magnificent scenery of nearly 50,000 mu (or more than 3,000 hectares) of blue Chinese irises near Malan Lake.

They can also participate in the Chinese Iris Eco-cultural Tourism Festival, experiencing horse racing, camel racing, wrestling, folk song competitions, desert surfing, campfires and other entertainment activities featuring traditional Mongolian ethnic elements.

The Xiliin Gol tour route passes through Xiliinhot city, Zhenglan Banner and Duolun county. 

Tourists have the chance to admire the glorious blue sky, white clouds, woods, larks, dotted lakes, winding rivers and endless sand dunes in the depths of Zhenglan Banner.

They will also have the opportunity to experience Baigeli Ecological Tourism, experience the traditional cultural life of nomadic people and appreciate the natural landscape of the Duolun Lake scenic spot.

The third travel route takes tourists to Yili Group’s dairy factory, to learn about the complete process of producing and selling milk and the development history of China’s dairy industry.