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Hohhot promotes environmental protection

2020-06-22 (chinadaily.com.cn)


A park located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia [Photo/Hohhot Daily]

In recent years, Hohhot -- capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has moved to severely punish the actions of those who harm the environment, as well as strengthening the accountability for inaction and slow action, to effectively develop an ecological security barrier.

Local officials said that supervision is crucial to enhancing the environment.

They said that starting from improving the levels of environmental supervision.

Hohhot has organized and carried out special law enforcement inspection actions such as protecting its sources of drinking water.

Last year, a total of 609 environmental violation cases were investigated and handled.

Hohhot has conducted strict supervision and inspections and set up a special inspection team to carry out full coverage and inspection on renovations of coal-fired heating boilers to achieve standard emissions, clean coal replacement and prohibiting the burning of straw.

Officials said that a total of more than 200 inspections were conducted in 2019, which effectively prevented environmental violations.

The city also identified 724 polluting enterprises in total, of which 623 completed remedial work.

More than 100 mining and exploration enterprises in seven nature reserves including Daqingshan were shut down -- and ecological restoration was carried out, officials said.