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Recommended summer self-driving routes in Inner Mongolia


Editor's note:

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has now entered its peak tourist season. The region’s department of culture and tourism has launched four self-driving travel routes to welcome tourists from all around the world.

Explore vast grasslands and dense forests

Route: Ulaanhot —Arxan—Hailaar—Manzhouli

The travel route spans the Greater Hinggan Mountains and the Hulunbuir Grassland. It offers a variety of cultural activities and tourism landscapes including grasslands, forests, volcanoes, hot springs, rivers, wetlands, lakes and folk customs.

The route is the best self-diving travel route featuring grassland culture and leisure and good tourism facilities in the eastern area of Inner Mongolia.


The sinuous Wulan Lake on the vast grassland in Inner Mongolia [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Experience grassland culture

Route: Zhenglan Banner—Xiliinhot—Hexigten Banner—Baarin Right Banner — Chifeng — Harqin Banner

This tourist route crosses Xiliin Gol League and Chifeng city. It passes through the Xiliin Gol Grassland, Hunshandake Sandy Land, Horqin Sandy Land and the southern section of the Greater Hinggan Mountains. It features rich scenery including vast grasslands, wild forests, grand deserts, rivers and lakes, geological wonders and hot springs.

The tourism region neighbors important cities such as Beijing, Chengde, Shenyang and Zhangjiakou and has convenient transportation and location advantages.


Inner Mongolian horses gallop on the vast grassland [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

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