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Inner Mongolia advances as a modern energy economy


Leading energy group China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) signed a key agreement with the government of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on July 24 in Hohhot city – to deepen its strategic cooperation in developing a modern energy economy there, according to local officials.

CGN is expanding massively in the region in clean energy, officials added.

In November, it was reported that it will develop 1 gigawatt solar power farm costing nearly $2.5 billion, plus another 2 GW of wind turbines  – with the huge project to be completed in 2021.

China General Nuclear Power Group has diversified from nuclear power, into new energy, bio-natural gas and environmental protection, among other areas.

It has three Hong Kong listed companies and two listed companies on the Chinese mainland, with total assets exceeding 750 billion yuan.

Officials said that in recent years, CGN has gone down the path of green development.

They said it has fully participated in the emergence of a modern energy economy in Inner Mongolia and accelerated the development of new energy businesses such as wind power and solar power. 

CGN’s projects in operation  –  currently under construction and approval in Inner Mongolia – have reached 34, with a cumulative approved installed capacity of nearly 6 million kilowatts. Its total operating income came in at nearly 2 billion yuan.

In addition, CGN has also leveraged its resources to help the autonomous region in its efforts to lift people out of poverty.

Inner Mongolia has rich energy deposits including coal and has abundant wind and sunshine to power new energy plants.

Officials said its annual energy production capacity and output rank among the highest in the country.

They said that currently, the autonomous region is making smooth progress in its restructuring of power supplies.