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New tourist buses connect Ulaanqab station to scenic areas



A panoramic view of Ulaaqab city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region [Photo/]

Four free tourist bus routes connecting Ulaanqab High-speed Railway Station – in Ulaanqab city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region – to neighboring scenic spots were officially opened on Aug 8, according to a report in the Inner Mongolia Daily.

The services are being provided through the joint efforts of the culture, tourism and sports bureau of Ulaanqab city and the tourist center of Datong city in North China’s Shanxi province.

Local officials said the tourist buses go directly to Huitengxile Huanghuagou Scenic Area, Daihai Lake Tourist Area, Hongzhao Jiulong Bay Scenic Area and Sumu Mountain Forest Park.

Tourists can go to the Ulaanqab Travel official WeChat account and make seat reservations online.


Horses graze on the grassland surrounding Ulaaqab city. [Photo/]

Officials said there are two buses operating from Ulaanqab High-speed Railway Station, that run to Huitengxile Huanghuagou Scenic Area on Mondays to Fridays and three buses operating on weekends. 

Other tourist bus lines have one operating bus at a fixed time every day. 

The departure information is available on the WeChat accounts, websites and apps.

Around 200 visitors arriving in Ulaanqab on Aug 8 were the first batch of tourists to use the service.

One of them, Huang Xiuqin, 68, said that the free bus service was very convenient for tourists.