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Inner Mongolia’s employment service platform is now operational


An employment service cloud platform targeting all residents and enterprises in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region was recently put into use, according to a report from Xinhua.

Li Wengang, deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said that his department built the platform. He added that the online system adopts four levels of management covering the autonomous region as a whole, as well as its leagues, banners and counties, and townships.

The platform’s services integrate information collection, training and employment networking and employment progress tracking services.

Through the platform, the government department can carry out online surveys of enterprises’ employment needs and job applicants’ skills to quickly attain supply and demand information. 

The platform will provide enterprises with targeted information about job applicants through the intelligent analysis of relevant information, providing a bridge for recruiting employers and job seekers. It is expected to improve the success rate of job hunting and corporate recruitment.

Meanwhile, the cloud service platform will collect the skills training needs of prospective employees and match them with enterprises, vocational colleges and skills training institutions.

The new platform can also assist companies and prospective employees during labor contract negotiations.