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Inner Mongolia ice, snow tourism season begins



Water vapors eerily float above the surface of an ice-free river in Hulunbuir League, in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu/ provided to]

The ice and snow tourism season in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region officially started on Sept 21, according to a statement from the Inner Mongolia Culture and Tourism Department.

Due to its abundant tourism resources and distinctive culture, Inner Mongolia is proactive in developing its tourism sector, which has enjoyed rapid growth.

The autonomous region is home to vast expanses of snow-covered grassland in winter, rolling mountains, warm hot springs and snow-clad rivers, lakes, deserts and forests.


A camel race is held at a traditional winter Nadam fair, held in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/]

In addition to its charming natural landscape, a rich variety of activities will be held during the winter tourism season.

These will include fishing festivals, various ice and snow entertainments, camel festivals and a winter Nadam fair -- a traditional Mongolian festival involving lively music, competitive sports, as well as horse and camel racing.

Officials said that especially worth mentioning was that the 14th National Winter Olympics will be held in Inner Mongolia this winter. 

The event is the first large and comprehensive sports meet to be held in Inner Mongolia for over 70 years. It will also the biggest, most professional and highest-level winter sporting event to be held in China before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.


A wrestling bout takes place at a winter Nadam, a fair held in Inner Mongolia autonomous region to entertainment tourists. [Photo/]