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Outstanding winter travel routes in Inner Mongolia


Inner Mongolia autonomous region is celebrating the launch of its annual winter tourism season. 

The northern region of China features distinctive cultures and abundant natural tourism resources, including snow-covered grasslands in the winter, rolling mountains, warm hot springs and icy rivers, lakes, deserts and forests. Here are fantastic travel routes recommended for winter travelers:

Route 1: Exploring the Winter Olympics

Activities on this travel route include a visit to the Hulunbuir National Museum to learn about the cultural customs of Hulunbuir city and a visit to the ice sports training center for the 14th National Winter Olympics to watch skating, ice hockey, curling and other exciting ice events. 

Route participants will travel to herdsmen’s homes to taste the Mongolian ethnic group's unique dishes and have the chance to participate in the winter Nadam fair. This route also includes a visit to the snow sports competition venue for the 14th National Winter Olympics to experience skiing and other snow-focused events.

Route 2: Tasting diverse food flavors 

Tourists traveling on this route will have the opportunity to taste a range of foodstuffs from across Inner Mongolia’s vast territory, with flavors varying wildly due to the region's diverse natural environments. 

Highlights include Hulunbuir dishes cooked combining Mongolian and Russian cuisine styles, delicacies from the mountains in Arxan, beef from Horqin Grassland, Zhuozi smoked chicken and braised lamb in Ulaanqab, traditional Mongolian food at Xiliin Gol Grassland, as well as roasted whole lamb and camel meat in Alshaa League.

Route 3: Visiting China's 'cold pole'

This travel route spans Arxan, Hailaar, Greater Hinggan Mountains, Genhe and Manzhouli in the autonomous region.

Activities during the trip will include enjoying hot springs in Arxan, admiring the sunrise in Arxan National Forest Park, experiencing the winter Nadam fair at a Hailaar herdsman's home and crossing 50 degrees north latitude while venturing into the Greater Hinggan Mountains to admire the winter forest landscapes. 

Travelers will also visit China's last hunting tribe – the Aoluguya, experience hot water instantly turning into ice at China's "cold pole" in Genhe county, as well as visit Manzhouli, a city on the border of China and Russia.