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Inner Mongolia includes grain output on list of economic development goals

2021-01-28 (chinadaily.com.cn)

North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region lists grain production at an annual output of more than 350 billion kilograms as one of the main economic and social development goals for this year. It is the first time that Inner Mongolia has included grain output as its main annual target.

It was declared in the 2021 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government Work Report, which was announced and assessed at the undergoing fourth session of the 13th People's Congress of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Bu Xiaolin, chairwoman of the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, delivered a work report reviewing the progress made during the past year. 

She said that Inner Mongolia created 3.56 million mu (237,333.33 hectares) of high-standard farmlands and improved 122,000 mu of salinized farmland in 2020. Also, Inner Mongolia’s grain output was 36.64 billion kilograms in 2020, an increase of 115 million kilograms over the previous year.

The grain output in Inner Mongolia ranks eighth in the country, exceeding the national grain production target task assigned to Inner Mongolia and achieving grain harvests for 17 consecutive years.

In 2021, Inner Mongolia will upgrade modern agricultural and animal husbandry technology and equipment and promote the mechanization of the entire agricultural and animal husbandry production process. 

A total of 4.59 million mu of high-standard farmlands will be created, and the autonomous region will continue the improvement of saline-alkali farmlands and black soil conservation.

Meanwhile, Inner Mongolia is to rectify the problem of people illegally building houses on arable land in rural areas and improve breeding innovation and the ability to breed improved grain varieties.