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Inner Mongolia vaccinates 587,500 people against COVID-19

2021-02-04 (chinadaily.com.cn)

A total of 587,500 people in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region had been vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Feb 2, according to information from the autonomous region’s Comprehensive Disease Control and Prevention Center.

The groups receiving the vaccine include people handling imported cold chain food, workers at quarantine venues, front-line healthcare workers, epidemic control personnel and people going abroad to study.

Since Inner Mongolia began vaccine injection work on key groups on Dec 22, it has set up 490 vaccination sites throughout the autonomous region. 

In addition to 419 fixed vaccination sites, 71 temporary vaccination sites have been set up in hospitals above the second level (China’s hospital system divides hospitals into three groups, with the third level representing the best medical facilities and treatment quality). 

Data from vaccination sites shows that there have been no serious abnormal reactions to the COVID-19 immunization shot. Like other vaccinations, a small number of people have experienced general adverse reactions such as swelling, pain, dizziness and a spike in body temperature after vaccination.

Vaccine procurement is progressing smoothly in Inner Mongolia. There are 105 vaccine procurement units at the county level and 10 units at the league or city levels across the autonomous region.

Inner Mongolia has purchased more than 1.02 million novel coronavirus vaccines so far.

People should continue to wear masks after getting vaccinated, especially in public places and crowded places, according to Yan Shaohong, an official from Inner Mongolia’s Comprehensive Disease Control and Prevention Center.

Other protective measures such as hand hygiene, ventilation and social distancing also need to be maintained, Yan added.