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Inner Mongolia invests $40.75b to improve transport facilities in poverty-stricken areas

2021-02-05 (chinadaily.com.cn)

From 2013 to 2020, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region invested 271.6 billion yuan ($40.75 billion) in constructing transportation facilities in its poverty-stricken areas, accounting for more than half of the total transportation investment across the autonomous region.

During the period, the mileage of roads in poverty-stricken areas in Inner Mongolia increased by 44,000 kilometers. All counties and townships were connected to high-grade highways at or above grade one, while all towns and villages with suitable conditions were linked to paved roads and bus services.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has prioritized transportation facility construction to drive economic and social development in impoverished areas. It is committed to solving the bottleneck that restricts transportation development in poverty-stricken areas and promoting the equalization of essential public transportation services.

In the next five years, Inner Mongolia will continue to pave roads in villages that meet the population requirements, upgrade low-grade roads and accelerate the construction of roads connecting tourism and industrial sites in farming and pastoral areas.

Meanwhile, Inner Mongolia is to promote the construction of protection forests along roads in farming and pastoral areas and renovate dangerous bridges to improve the transportation capacity.

Authorities will establish logistics networks covering the county, township and village levels, and they will improve comprehensive service stations involving passenger transportation, cargo transportation, e-commerce and post express.