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Stunning danxia landscape attracts tourists to Ordos



The impressive danxia landscape in Ordos' Juungar Banner attracts tourists to admire and photograph the charming scenery. [Photo/Ordos Release]

An area featuring danxia landforms in Ordos city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region is growing in popularity as a tourism and photography destination.

The area is located in Nuanshui town in Juungar Banner and covers more than 600 square kilometers.

Few tourists previously knew the area because of poor road connectivity and its location in mountainous surroundings. 

The cliffs there consist of layers of red-colored rocks revealed by water erosion over millions of years.

Lianhuachan is a unique danxia landform in the area. It is located at the intersection of Juungar Banner's Longkou town, Fugu county in Shaanxi province and Hequ county in Shanxi province.


The danxia landforms in Ordos' Juungar Banner consist of red-colored cliffs revealed by water erosion over millions of years. [Photo/Ordos Release]

Lianhuachan is made up of white and red lotus-shaped rocks, stretching 10 kilometers northwest. 

The locals say the area looks like a "pork belly sprinkled with green onions." It is said that the unique stones scream like ghosts or howling wolves when hit by sand-carrying wind. 

Interestingly, Lianhuachan got its name from Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), who visited Ordos and was impressed by the lotus-shaped rocks there.

In 2016, Lianhuachan was nominated as a national-level danxia landform geological heritage area.


The stunning danxia landscape in Ordos' Juungar Banner. [Photo/Ordos Release]