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Ordos miners work on Spring Festival to ensure national coal supply

2021-02-19 (chinadaily.com.cn)


An employee of CHN Energy Shendong Coal Group works in a coal mine during the Spring Festival holiday to guarantee the national coal supply. [Photo/nmgnews.com.cn]

To ensure the national coal supply during the Spring Festival holiday, more than 30,000 coal miners from CHN Energy Shendong Coal Group stayed on shift to continue regular production.

At present, coal mines affiliated with Shendong Coal Group have a daily coal production capacity of 540,000 metric tons. The mined coal is transported by rail and air to southern China to ensure sufficient supply for electricity and industrial use.

The Shendong mining area is located at the junction of Shaanxi province, Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Its employees come from all over the country, with 14,301 workers classified as non-local residents. 

To create a festive atmosphere for the employees on duty, Shendong Coal Group prepared delicious dishes, set up family visiting rooms and launched holiday allowances.

"To celebrate the Spring Festival with colleagues has a special meaning,” said Yu Minghang, a miner from the coal group.

"It is also a pleasant experience to stick to our posts with everyone," Yu added.