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Diverse attractions lure tourists to Inner Mongolia

2021-03-26 (

Inner Mongolia, lying along the northern border of China, straddles the three major regions of Northeast China, North China and Northwest China, and is adjacent to eight provinces and autonomous regions.

It covers an area of 1.18 million square kilometers, which is approximately equal to six Guangdong provinces and one Jiangsu province.

The straight-line distance between its eastern and western edges is 2,400 km, resulting in a time difference of about two hours.

Inner Mongolia's vast area, diverse landforms and regional differences have created abundant tourism resources. Its forests, grasslands, deserts (including the mighty Gobi) and rich ethnic culture present unique charms.

Several tour highlights in Inner Mongolia are as follows:

Hulunbuir Grassland

Hulunbuir Grassland, situated in northeastern Inner Mongolia, is one of the world's top three grasslands.

It covers an area of 9.93 million hectares, with natural grassland coverage of 80 percent.


Cows graze on the expansive Hulunbuir Grassland. [Photo/]


Arxan is a county-level city in Hinggan League. It boasts numerous tourism resources, including a 5A-level tourist attraction, two national forest parks, the Arxan UNESCO World Geopark, three national wetland parks and a national park.

Tourists can enjoy distinctive hot springs, glittering and translucent rime and castle-style towns.


The blue volcanic lake in Arxan is surrounded by golden forests in autumn.  [Photo/]

Tenggeli Desert

Tenggeli Desert is located in the southeastern area of Alshaa Left Banner and is largely devoid of vegetation.

Although Tenggeli Desert is not the largest desert in China, its sandy peaks are magnificent. The desert dunes are made of golden sand that is fine and smooth.


A tourist poses for a photo on a golden dune in the Tenggeli Desert in the summer. [Photo/]


Known as the "Window of East Asia," Manzhouli is a port city that showcases the customs of China, Russia and Mongolia.

The must-visit destination in Manzhouli city is Matryoshka Square, which has the largest matryoshka in the world and buildings with European-style architecture.


Russian-style red and white buildings pictured in Manzhouli city. [Photo/]