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Hohhot to build new schools and kindergartens to boost basic education

2021-04-01 (

According to a "to-do list" for 2021 issued by the Hohhot education bureau on March 29, the city's government is set to build nine kindergartens and 23 schools this year.

More care and attention will be given to rural "left-behind" children (children whose parents cannot accompany them or attend to them in daily life, mostly because they have to work in other places). Steps will be taken to minimize the drop-out rate, and to ensure all children of the right age can receive a basic education.

School enrollment systems will be updated, and more transparency implemented in class division. Students with different family backgrounds should be treated equally and have equal access to a quality basic education. Impoverished students will be granted financial assistance from the government in a targeted manner.

School teachers are not allowed to be paid for teaching outside schools. Those who disobey this rule will be punished severely.

The government will also tighten its regulations on private schools operating without the correct school license.