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Inner Mongolia launches tourism routes highlighting CPC history

2021-04-08 (

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently designed and released 10 tourism routes to showcase China's achievements under the guidance of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The tourism routes cover scenic spots related to CPC history, the revolutionary memorial museum and patriotism education centers.

Below is a breakdown of five popular travel itineraries:

Route 1

Inner Mongolia National Liberation Memorial Hall—Inner Mongolia Teacher and Education Museum—May 1 Meeting Site—the Former Office Site of Ulanhu—the Former Office Site of the CPC Inner Mongolia Working Committee—Ulan Muqir Palace—the Memorial Hall and Former Site of the First Party Branch of Hinggan Rural Area—Arxan Port—Arxan International Forest Park

Route 2

The Memorial Park of Jining Battle in Ulaanqab city—the Huitengxile Huanghuagou Grassland Scenic Area in Qahar Right Wing Middle Banner—Jingneng Daihai Scenic Area in Liangcheng county—Suimeng Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Liangcheng county—He Long Memorial Hall in Liangcheng county

Route 3

Inner Mongolia Museum—Northern Weapons City in Qingshang district in Baotou—Baogang Group in Kundulun district in Baotou—Resonant Sand Bay—Hetao Farming Culture Expo Park in Wuyuan county—Yellow River Sanshenggong National Water Conservancy Scenic Area in Dengkou county

Route 4

Tian'e Lake Eco-tourism Area in Tenggeli Desert in Alshaa Left Banner—Populus Euphratica Tourist Area in Alshaa League—Heicheng Ruoshui Populus Euphratica Scenic Area in Ejine—Juyanhai Scenic Area in Ejine Banner—Dongfeng Aerospace City in Ejine Banner

Route 5

Sanduandi Revolutionary History Memorial Hall in Otog Front Banner—Chengchuan Red Culture Tourism Zone—Muladeng Pastoral Tourism—Red Revolution Culture Education Base in Uxin Banner—Salawusu Scenic Area—Batuwan village in Wudinghe town