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Inner Mongolia pushes to get more local companies listed

2021-06-09 (

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region announced a series of measures designed to support local companies aiming to list on national and international stock markets, at a launch ceremony held in the capital city of Hohhot on June 3.

According to information released at the event, the region plans to employ a range of initiatives -- including further improving support mechanisms and government services, establishing a list of key companies to be listed and adjusting the rewards model for listed companies.

During the ceremony, Inner Mongolia Securities Regulatory Bureau Director Xiang Dong announced an encouraging operations report on the region's existing listed groups.

It revealed that in 2020, 26 listed companies under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia generated combined operating income of 373.15 billion yuan in total, an increase of 3.19 percent over the previous year, a growth rate higher than the 2.5 percent average increase in operating income for listed companies nationwide. 

The proportion of the operating income of local listed companies to Inner Mongolia's GDP increased from 20.99 percent in 2019 to 21.49 percent in 2020.

To date, Inner Mongolia has 33 enterprises listed on domestic or overseas markets, 48 enterprises listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and nearly 30 enterprises preparing for listing on markets.

Additionally, the Inner Mongolia Equity Exchange launched its Tianjun Service Plan, an initiative aiming to get more of the region's enterprises listed.

The plan is expected to boost the core competitiveness of the companies by providing a centralized display for the candidates, connecting them with government services and conducting matchmaking with brokers, banks, funds and other interested parties.