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New expressway in Xiliin Gol League starts construction

2021-08-30 (

The Anye-Gongzhugeng section of the Ji'a connecting line of the Ereenhot-Guangzhou Expressway officially started construction recently.

The Anye-Gongzhugeng Expressway is an important part of the expressway network in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region and a key transportation link connecting the eastern and western parts of the autonomous region.

It starts from Anye village, which lies at the junction of Inner Mongolia's Xiliin Gol League and the city of Ulaanqab, passing through the Zhengxiangbai Banner and Zhenglan Banner in Xiliin Gol League, and ending in Gongzhugeng village at the junction of Xiliin Gol League and the city of Chifeng, also in Inner Mongolia.

The expressway has a construction length of 178.9 kilometers and features four two-way lanes. 

The roadbed is 25.5 meters wide and is designed for speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. Its total budget is 5.87 billion yuan ($880.72 million) and it is expected to take three years to complete.

The expressway is meant to improve the national and local highway transportation network, consolidate regional poverty alleviation achievements and rural revitalization, and improve public transportation services.