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Kindergarten adds traditional culture to education in Inner Mongolia

2021-09-23 (China Daily)


Girls learn to draw pomegranates at the painting class. [Photo by Jiang Lu/]

Chengming Kindergarten, located in Ulanhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, integrates Chinese cultural awareness and ethnic unity into daily education.

Reading the classics, including The Thousand-Character Writing and Three-character Canon, is a common approach taken by educators to cultivate children's awareness of Chinese culture.

Children also learn how to draw a pomegranate at Chinese painting classes here.

"By learning to draw this pomegranate, you will remember we ethnic groups are closely united like the seeds of a pomegranate," a teacher said.

Teachers guide the children to love and help each other in order to help them understand ethnic unity, said Zhao Xiaoliang, the founder of Chengming Kindergarten.

There are 21 faculty members in the kindergarten, and teachers of ethinic groups account for 30 percent of the staff, Zhao said.


Kids show their paintings of the Chinese national flag at Chengming Kindergarten in Ulanhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Sept 14, 2021. [Photo by Jiang Lu/]


Different kinds of plants are seen in the kindergarten. [Photo by Jiang Lu/]


 Children's paintings showing pomegranates and the Chinese national flag are pictured. [Photo by Jiang Lu/]


Children have painting class in Chengming Kindergarten. [Photo by Jiang Lu/]