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Inner Mongolia improves ecological, environmental law enforcement

2021-10-15 (

The news office of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Government held a press conference on Oct 11 to discuss optimizing environmental law enforcement methods, improving the efficiency of law enforcement, and helping optimize the business environment in the region.

Meanwhile, the implementation of the "Guidelines for Offsite Supervision of Key Pollutant Discharge Units in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Trial)" and the "Ecological Environment Supervision and Law Enforcement Positive List Management System (Trial) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region" were interpreted as well.

This year, Inner Mongolia has promoted the application of "internet + supervision" in the environment and established an off-site supervision remote law enforcement system based on the automatic monitoring system of pollution sources of key pollutants, which combines pre-warning and monitoring with law enforcement.

Environmental departments in Ordos, Ulaanqab, Baotou, and Wuhai have taken offsite supervision measures that do not interfere with the normal production of enterprises as an important means of daily law enforcement inspection, providing a new model for optimizing the business environment.

Additionally, the "Environmental Supervision and Law Enforcement Positive List Management System (Trial) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region" further refines the content of the list.

It increases the number of enterprise categories included in the positive list from six to seven, which includes medical, health and material production enterprises that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control, companies with strong employability and low pollution, major engineering projects, and companies in key areas.

In principle, enterprises included on the positive list only need off-site supervision and are exempt from on-site inspections over a certain period of time. They will also be given exemptions for minor violations.

According to statistics, since 2020, a total of 1,525 enterprises in the region have been included in the positive list management.

Environmental departments at all levels have found 214 problems with the enterprises in the list through off-site methods, and all were told to carry out rectification in accordance with laws and regulations.

Other policies include the establishment and implementation of a special case investigation and handling system, which targets environmental violations that with a heavy impact and serious consequences.

Since the beginning of this year, the Inner Mongolia Department of Ecology and the Environment has issued 12 typical cases.