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New incentives bring opportunities to Ordos industrial park

2021-11-11 (

Ordos Hi-Tech Industrial Park – located in the city of Ordos in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has reportedly seen 91 new enterprises register there since the start of the year, in the wake of the introduction of a raft of attractive business incentives and an improved business environment.

The initiative is aimed at attracting emerging industries, high-end industries, high value-added industries and technology-based industries.

The Ordos park is understood to have successively issued its "Ten Policies for Investment Promotion," as well as "Several Supporting Policies for Encouraging and Promoting Technological Innovation" and "Several Policies on Supporting Enterprises in Business Incubation".

These are understood to have led to the roll-out of preferential policies on taxation, financial incentives and support for resident enterprises and personnel.

In response to these efforts, the first domestic independent safety production line for cyber-information products – funded and constructed by China Greatwall Technology Group – recently started up production in the Ordos park.

Elsewhere, original anti-cancer drug ACT001 -- which has been classified in Europe and the US -- is under pilot testing there and is about to go into production.

Meanwhile, the Ordos park now has two national-level innovation and entrepreneurship carriers, as well as three innovation carriers, eight enterprise R&D centers, one enterprise laboratory, one enterprise technology center and three scientific research commercialization centers at the autonomous region level.

It is reportedly striving to enter the top 100 national high-tech industrial parks list over a three-year period.